Eclipse ImageJ Plugin Update Available

05.03.2021 A new update of the Eclipse ImageJ plugin is available. This update comes with some nice editor improvements and now displays the image window information in the status line of Bio7 or (see screenshot below). New in 1.53i (1.53.i25): Updated ImageJ plugin to version 1.53i25 Improved the ImageJ macro editor speed. No more flickering … Read more

ImageJ Plugin Update

27.02.2020 A new ImageJ plugin update is available which can be installed into Bio7 3.1 (as an update) or Eclipse. Several new features are available. Release Notes Updated ImageJ plugin to version 1.52u28 Added a new thumbnail action to the context menu of the ‘Navigator’ view to open image and LUT files of a selected … Read more

The Road to OpenJDK 11

22.11.2018 it was a long road to the Java 11module system because a lot of bugs and settings had to be fixed for the next release of Bio7 which will be bundled with the OpenJDK as the default Java Runtime. With Java 11 finally scaling of JavavFX, Swing and AWT components inside of Bio7 is … Read more

Bio7 2.8 Released

30.05.2018 A new and improved release of Bio7 is available. The new Bio7 2.8 release comes with a plethora of new R features and bugfixes. Release Notes: General: Updated Eclipse RCP to 4.7.3 Windows R update to version 3.5.0 ImageJ plugin updated to version 1.52d7 Added the ImageJ Edit perspective to the default opened perspectives … Read more