Fixed OpenJDK Path for MacOSX – Allow Bio7 on Big Sur


Uploaded MacOSX version with corrected OpenJDK path

In the latest MacOSX release the path to the embedded Java OpenJDK was wrong (not a relative path). I uploaded a corrected version to sourceforge.

If you have already downloaded Bio7 you can simply correct the path in the Bio7.ini file (right-click, “Show Package Contents”, Path: “Contents/Eclipse”. Replace the vm path argument with the relative path to the embedded OpenJDK:


Fix – can’t run app because of permission in Big Sur

If you can’t open Bio7 after download even after the changes of the security settings try the following command-line recipe:

Solution which worked in the Terminal:

> sudo chmod -R 755 /Applications/

> sudo xattr -dr /Applications/

There is also a utility app available on Github to help with the MacOSX security settings, see:

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