R Editor and ImageJ Plugin Update


Two new plugin updates are available for Bio7.

R Editor update:

The R editor plugin has been updated for the new R 4.1 grammar (shorthand function notation, native pipe operators). The new grammar is also considered in the code completion of the editor and in the R-Shell (e.g., function calls, pipes with piped dataframes).

Annonymous shorthand functions are also displayed as ‘aFunc’ in the Outline view.

ImageJ Plugin update:

  1. Improved the ‘Detach Images’ menu action
  2. Added an post activation action for detached views (‘Open All Images as Views’ action bugfix for Windows)
  3. Improved the layout action for orthogonal stack views (in detached views)
  4. Added an API method to invoke the ‘Open All Images as Views’ action
  5. The ImageJ macro action ‘setLocation’ will now change the size and location of detached views if available
  6. Fixed some minor bugs

For the R editor update add the following URL site to the Update Manager:

For ImageJ (if not already available) add:


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