Bio7_Poster (Overview)

The Bio7 User Guide 3.3 (HTML – work in progress!)

The Bio7 Methods API

The Bio7 examples on github


Austenfeld, Marcel, und Wolfram Beyschlag. „A Graphical User Interface for R in a Rich Client Platform for Ecological Modeling“. Journal of Statistical Software 49, Nr. 4 (2012): 1–19. (pdf)

Austenfeld M, Beyschlag W: The Use of ImageJ within an Ecological Modeling Platform, ImageJ User and Developer Conference 2010, Luxembourg, Conference Proceedings, 211-216.

Scientific Java Libraries used and available in Bio7:

Name URL  
Parallel Colt Link  
JScience Link  
JTS Link  
Joone Link  
JAMA Link  
JGraphT Link  
The Apache Commons Mathematics Library Link  
Rserve Link
BoofCV Link
Catalano-Framework Link