The application Bio7 is an integrated development environment for ecological modeling, scientific image analysis and statistical analysis. The application itself is based on an RCP-Eclipse-Environment (Rich-Client-Platform) which offers a huge flexibility in configuration and extensibility because of its plug-in structure and the possibility of customization.


  • Creation and analysis of simulation models.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Advanced R Graphical User Interface with advanced editor, spreadsheet, different plot devices (default are images in ImageJ) and debugging interface.
  • Spatial statistics (possibility to send values from a specialized panel to R).
  • Image Analysis (embedded ImageJ).
  • Fast transfer of image data from ImageJ to R and vice versa.
  • Fast communication between R and Java (with Rserve) and the possibilty to use R methods inside Java.
  • Interpretation of Java, script and macro creation (Groovy, Jython, JavaScript, BeanShell, R, ImageJ macro, LaTeX, HTML).
  • Dynamic compilation of Java.
  • Creation of methods for Java, JavaScript, BeanShell, Groovy, Jython, ImageJ macro and R (integrated editors for Java, R, BeanShell, Groovy, Jython, ImageJ macro, LaTeX, HTML).
  • Sensitivity analysis with an embedded flowchart editor in which scripts, macros and compiled code can be dragged and executed.
  • Creation of 3d OpenGL (Jogl) models.
  • Visualizations and simulations on an embedded 3d globe (World Wind Java SDK).
  • Creation of Graphical User Interfaces with the embedded JavaFX SceneBuilder.

The application is developed by Marcel Austenfeld a former member of the Department of Experimental and Systems Ecology


Dr. Marcel Austenfeld