The software is provided as is, according to the EPL (since Bio7 1.6). Before you download read the license agreement! The EPL license is approved by the Open Source Initiative.
The Bio7 application and examples are available on SourceForge.
Please read more about the plugins and licenses below (Plugin License).

Download here

To start Bio7 (unsigned) on MacOSX Big Sur and Monterey

To start Bio7 after installation please follow this advice:

Bio7 Examples on SourceForge and Github!

Please download the file “Examples” from the Bio7 SourceForge folder: Files->Bio7->Bio7 1.x and import the projects to the Bio7 workspace -> see this video! The latest Bio7 examples can also be downloaded (download and import as *.zip) from Github here!

Example source on GitHub can be found here.


The source code of Bio7 is hosted on Github here.

Plugin License:

The Bio7 application consists of several plugins.

licensed under the  EPL (since Bio7 1.6) and GPL (Bio7 1.5):

Bio7 Platform (Plug-ins) -> EPL (Bio7 1.6)

R Application (Windows – not linked!) -> GPL3. Please note that the R application is shipped along with Bio7. The Bio7 Bundled_R Plugin works as a container
for the R application and is not linked dynamically or statically with the application.

Plugin Note:

The ImageJ plugin is based on the sources of

ImageJ, available at

The Bundled_R plugin (Windows) embedds the R application

available at

The Flow editor is based on the  Shapes plugin

available at

The language editors (Java, BeanShell, R, ImageJ Macro, Python) are

based on the Template and Java editor example

available at