Deeplearning4j Java Plugin for Bio7 available


Finally, I released  a Deeplearning4j plugin for Bio7. This plugin bundles the Java libraries which will be normally installed with the Maven recipe of deeplearning4j (JavaCV, ffmpeg, etc.).

The plugin can be found here:

Since this bundle is quite big it has been added as a Github release to download and install it locally (instead of an Bio7 update site).

To install this plugin from a local folder download and unzip it.

Then install the plugin with the menu action in the “Help” menu from a local source (Install New Software->Add->Local).

After installation the bundled *.jar libraries have to be added to the dynamic Bio7 Java compiler (Preferences Bio7->Preferences Java Dynamic Compilation->Preferences Libraries). The *.jars can be found in the plugins folder of the Bio7 installation (see Screenshot MacOSX below – add all *.jars from the lib folder of the plugin


When you create a new Bio7 Java Project all libraries will be automatically added to the Runtime, JDT and Compiler classpath.

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