Bio7 3.3 on MacBook Pro M1

26.01.2022 Recently I tested Bio7 3.3 on MacBook Pro M1. The application runs fine with Rosetta (you will be asked for if not installed). Important note for R: To run R with Bio7 interestingly you have to install R for Intel (again runs on Rosetta) and then Rserve from Github (as explained in the manual). … Read more

R Editor and ImageJ Plugin Update

22.05.21 Two new plugin updates are available for Bio7. R Editor update: The R editor plugin has been updated for the new R 4.1 grammar (shorthand function notation, native pipe operators). The new grammar is also considered in the code completion of the editor and in the R-Shell (e.g., function calls, pipes with piped dataframes). … Read more

Fixed OpenJDK Path for MacOSX – Allow Bio7 on Big Sur

02.05.2021 Uploaded MacOSX version with corrected OpenJDK path In the latest MacOSX release the path to the embedded Java OpenJDK was wrong (not a relative path). I uploaded a corrected version to sourceforge. If you have already downloaded Bio7 you can simply correct the path in the Bio7.ini file (right-click, “Show Package Contents”, Path: “Contents/Eclipse”. … Read more

ImageJ And R Editor Plugin Updates Available!

29.04.2021 The ImageJ plugin and the R editor can be updated with the Update Manager of Bio7. The update fixes several minor bugs and adds new features. For ImageJ (update site already in Bio7 available), see: For the R editor update add the following URL site to the Update Manager: