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Update the ImageJ Plugin for Bio7


In Bio7 it is easy to update the Eclipse ImageJ plugin to the latest version. Open the main menu Help -> Install new Software dialog and add the following update site entry (see screenshot below) to install the update:

It might be recommended to externalize the default ImageJ plugin location (the plugins to extend ImageJ) in the Bio7 preferences (Preferences -> Preferences ImageJ -> Plugins Path) thus that the updates don’t overwrite the default location.

You could for example set the path to a local and remote Github repository to share the plugins with a team.

A change in the preferences will automatically update the ImageJ classpath at runtime (as in the ImageJ menu Help -> Refresh Menus).

Updated Eclipse ImageJ Plugin Available


I released a new version of the Eclipse ImageJ plugin based on ImageJ 1.52q44.

  • Updated the ImageJ plugin to version 1.52q44
  • Improved the embedded and detached PlotWindows. Now all plot windows are simultaneously resized according to their parent canvas (embedded or detached – animation below)
  • Fixed a bug in the detach menu action (wrong id and panel settings)
  • Removed the ‘*’ tab icon (usually indicating an unsaved editor file) from the detached custom view by deleting the ‘ISaveablePart2’ interface


Eclipse Marketplace:

Screenshot (Linux, Darker Dark Theme)



Bio7 MacOSX And Windows Update Available


I created an update for MacOSX and Windows which can be easily installed with the Update Manager of Bio7. This update fixes some bugs (which affects Windows and MacOSX only), adds two new scripts in the R-Shell view and updates the ImageJ plugin to version 1.52o33.

Before you update Bio7 make sure that you make a backup of possible installed scripts and ImageJ plugins in the default script and ImageJ plugin location because these two plugins and their preferences will be updated (it might be a good practice to externalize these locations in the Bio7 preferences for updates in the future).


1. Add the update sites below to the Update Manager (Help->Install New Software)

2. Add the URL (Location) of the Update Site (see below).

3. Close the Update Manager and then check for Updates (Help->Check for Updates).

4. Select Bio7 and confirm all licenses and unavailable certificates during installation.

Update Sites for Windows and MacOSX:


Eclipse ImageJ Plugin Update Released


I released a new version of the ImageJ plugin which comes bundled with a feature complete ImageJ macro editor and an embedded Eclipse ImageJ interface.

Screenshot (Windows, Eclipse Darkest Dark Theme)

Screenshot Code Completion (Windows, Eclipse Darkest Dark Theme)

Release notes:

  • Updated ImageJ version 1.52m (1.52m12)
  • Improved the ImageJ canvas (Plot canvas and Image canvas are now opened as intended)
  • The ImageJ canvas replace method now works as intended (see, e.g., IJ_webcam capture plugin)
  • Improved plot canvas (zooming, actions, etc. are now working as intended)
  • Plot action buttons are now added below each plot (see screenshot below)
  • Added new actions (in the plugins menu) to interpret the current opened Eclipse editor sources (BeanShell, JavaScript, Jython and ImageJ macro) using the ImageJ interpreters (using, e.g., PyDev for Jython).
  • Added a new Java compile action (in the plugins menu) to compile the current opened Eclipse editor source (see screenshot below). To compile dynamically with ImageJ please use or adjust the ImageJ plugins path in the Eclipse preferences.
  • MouseWheel actions are now working as intended (use STRG+MouseWheel to zoom!)
  • Improved stability for drag and drop actions of multiple image files
  • Improved stability for MacOSX
  • Reorganized Eclipse plugins and features
  • ImageJ2 can now be optionally installed and is not bundled by default (now optional dependent of ImageJ). Customization is possible (plugin can be populated with maven command in Eclipse)
  • Added the latest ImageJ macro function templates
  • JavaFX (embed Swing in JavaFX and SWT panel) can now be optionally installed (but is not necessary by default)
  • Removed the outdated Albireo plugin dependency
  • Added key listeners for the tab when all images are closed (ImageJ keys!)
  • Improved the ImageJ macro hoover (workaround for SWT_AWT)
  • Added a workaround for repaint issues in MacOSX when switching perspectives with SWT_AWT
  • Added a workaround for MacOSX to receive key events again after focus lost (sometimes you need to press the mouse two times when the perspectives have been switched)
  • Fixed several rare occuring deadlock events on MacOSX


It might be necessary to uninstall old plugin versions first!

To install the plugin the latest OpenJDK 11 is required and an installation of Eclipse 4.10 or 4.9.

The plugin is availabe from the Eclipse Marketplace Client:

As an alternative open the Help->Install new Software dialog and add the following update site:

MacOSX Eclipse Fontsize Correction

To fix the default font size on Eclipse (a matter of taste) I wrote a short summary on the Github page how to fix the font size (see 1 – bottom page).

The plugin source and more information can be found on Github:

ImageJ plugin with new Eclipse macro editor released


I released a new version of the Eclipse ImageJ plugin which now bundles ImageJ (version1.51p) with a full featured Eclipse editor for the macro language of ImageJ.

Added features of the editor:

  • Dynamic error detection (grammar derived from the ECMA grammar by Bart Kiers)
  • Toolbar action to execute ImageJ macros
  • Syntax highlightening
  • Debugging support (reusing and implementing interfaces and methods from @Wayne – same keyboard shortcuts – see animation below)
  • Code completion (with browser help)
  • Code templates (add you own templates)
  • Info popups (text hoover)
  • Outline view (var variables, variables, methods and macros)
  • Automatic closing of braces, parentheses and strings
  • Automatic indention of functions,loops, etc.
  • Code folding
  • Code formatting (based on the Eclipse-javascript-formatter by Sebastian Moran)
  • Resize fonts functions (with Ctrl++ or CMD++, CTRL+- or CMD +-)
  • Font preferences
  • Mark occurences (scope independant)
  • A copy function for this forum (simply adding javascript tags which I often forget;-))