ImageJ plugin with new Eclipse macro editor released


I released a new version of the Eclipse ImageJ plugin which now bundles ImageJ (version1.51p) with a full featured Eclipse editor for the macro language of ImageJ.

Added features of the editor:

  • Dynamic error detection (grammar derived from the ECMA grammar by Bart Kiers)
  • Toolbar action to execute ImageJ macros
  • Syntax highlightening
  • Debugging support (reusing and implementing interfaces and methods from @Wayne – same keyboard shortcuts – see animation below)
  • Code completion (with browser help)
  • Code templates (add you own templates)
  • Info popups (text hoover)
  • Outline view (var variables, variables, methods and macros)
  • Automatic closing of braces, parentheses and strings
  • Automatic indention of functions,loops, etc.
  • Code folding
  • Code formatting (based on the Eclipse-javascript-formatter by Sebastian Moran)
  • Resize fonts functions (with Ctrl++ or CMD++, CTRL+- or CMD +-)
  • Font preferences
  • Mark occurences (scope independant)
  • A copy function for this forum (simply adding javascript tags which I often forget;-))

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