Plots in R and the ImageJ visualization

If you plot data in R and you would like to display the same data in the ImageJ view it is necessary to transfer the data matrix to ImageJ. The first thing which can be noticed is that the image data is displayed rotated because of the Bio7 approach to transfer data forth and back … Read more

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Ecological Modelling with “R”

Here i present some Books and Articles about Ecological Modelling and “R”. Since “R” is integrated in Bio7 all the presented methods in the Books and Articles can also be useful together with Bio7. Books: Ellner, Stephen P. & Guckenheimer, John (2006). Dynamic Models in Biology. Princeton University Press Bolker B (2008) Ecological Models and … Read more

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Data Mining Presentations

I found a nice introduction about Data Mining from Pier Luca Lanzi on slideshare. There are several parts available if you click on his profile. Here i embedded the presentation about Clustering (Partitioning) which is used (the CLARA algorithm) for example in the image methods of Bio7 to cluster spectral image information. View more presentations … Read more

Visualize dynamic data from R in 3d

In this video i demonstrate a nice feature of Bio7 to visualize 3d data created in “R” dynamically. The data for the points is generated in “R” and then transferred to the OpenGL view of Bio7. In the first example a random plot is generated and updated. In the second example 10000 random (lighted) spheres … Read more

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Nice video series on YouTube about Emergence and Complexity. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]