MacOSX RC1 Released!

I published a release candidate for MacOSX 64-bit. Many bugs have been fixed and it should run quite stable.
Please note that you have to install the latest  a JRE 1.7.40 to run this application.Also a Mac version >=10.7.3 is required for Java 1.7.

To use the R features install the R Mac distribution available here. Furthermore Rserve has to be installed.

After the start adjust the path to R in the Bio7 Preferences.
Preferences->Preferences Bio7
You can get the path from the R application with the command:
> R.home()
E.g. path to R: /Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources

Also adjust the path to the install location of the R packages:
Preferences->Preferences Bio7->Preferences Rserve
You can get the path from your R installation by evaluating the expression
in the R console. E.g. Package install location: /Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Versions/3.0/Resources/library

If an error is indicated in the Bio7 preferences please adjust missing correct paths to the correct location or adjust them to a temporary available location else you can’t save the adjusted paths.

Eventually XQuartz has to be installed to use the default custom R plotting device of Bio7 on Mountain Lion. If you plot the first time with R and XQuartz is not available a dialog will inform about the missing package.

Installation Requirements:

  • MacOSX >=10.7.3 64-bit
  • Java 1.7.40 64-bit
  • R installation
  • Rserve package installation
  • Eventually XQuartz

If you detect any bugs please let me know.


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