Image Selections To R Improvements


I finished a rework of the image selection transfer from ImageJ to R. I splitted the action into three different actions for a better usability.
A new feature of Bio7 1.7 is the possibility to transfer multiple pixel selections (with a fixed or an increasing signature) from selected slices of stacks.
The transferred data then can e.g. be used for a supervised classification method in R were you can add image data selections with a fixed signature (e.g. representing a plant species) to already transferred selections (e.g. increasing signatures – different plants species) to improve the classification results.
Thanks to the Roi Manager of ImageJ selections can easily be saved and reloaded for a nice workflow in conjunction with the transfer of  the data to R (simply drag and drop ROI files on the ImageJ-Canvas to load or add them).

In addition i had also to rework the Image-Methods view for a better grouping of the different actions (see temporary labels in the screenshot below) which hopefully gives a better usability.


These are the last features (beside many others) for the next release and i hope that i can release the new version in a few weeks after some tests. If you have found some bugs in Bio7 1.6 don’t hesitate to contact me or write to the Bio7 forum.

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