Bio7 R 3.0.0 Update On Windows


If you would like to use the latest R version 3.0.0 with Bio7 on Windows you have to install Rserve in an R 3.0.0 installation and adjust some Bio7 preferences to use this installation instead of the bundled R binary.

Install Rserve in R 3.0.0 e.g. with the command

> install.packages(“Rserve”)

Alternatively you can use the RGUI menu to search and install Rserve.
Then you have to tell Bio7 the path to the install location of R 3.0.0:
Menu Preferences->Preferences Bio7->Path To R (see example Screenshot below).prefr1

Finally you have to adjust the path of the package location the path were additional downloaded R packages will be installed (see Screenshot below) :
Menu Preferences->Preferences Bio7->Preferences RServe->Package install location
Type in the R console of your R 3.0.0 installation e.g.:

> .libPaths()

to get the current path for the Bio7 “Package install location”!


If all paths are correct you can use the new R 3.0.0 installation from within Bio7.

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