Easily Built And Share Custom R Menu Scripts With Bio7

09.04.2019 Bio7 can be extended with R packages, Eclipse plugins and ImageJ plugins. Another very easy option to extend the Bio7 Graphical User Interface with R actions are dynamic menus which can be used, e.g., for personalized workflows or repeating tasks. The provision of new menus and nested menus is simple and can be arranged … Read more

Bio7 3.0 Released

27.03.2019 A new release of Bio7 is available which is built upon Eclipse 4.11 and the latest Java OpenJDK. This new version comes bundled with OpenJDK 12, supports the dynamic compilation of Java 11 and fixes several annoying bugs on MacOSX (e.g., shutdown crashes). The R interface has been improved and the R-Shell now updates … Read more

Transfer data from R to Python with PyRserve and Bio7

29.08.2018 Recently I discovered the package PyRserve for Python which connects Python with R using Rserve. This is extremly useful because Bio7 already integrates Rserve and has special GUI interfaces available to transfer, e.g.,  data from spreadsheets, ImageJ image and selection data (also georeferenced),  Java simulation data, etc. With this new Rserve connection this data … Read more

Bio7 2.9 Released

16.08.2018 A new release of Bio7 is available. The new Bio7 2.9 release comes with a plethora of new R features and bugfixes. Release Notes: General: Based on Eclipse 4.8 Improved the dark theme and the layout of the dark theme in many places All editor font colors are now changed automatically to default optimized … Read more

Debug Java in Bio7

27.06.2018 In Bio7 R and Java code can be easily combined in the Bio7 platform. For instance to create Graphical User Interfaces in Java (with SWT or JavaFX), transfer image pixel/selection data from ImageJ and finally doing the analysis parts in R code/scripts which can be called from within Java (an easy to use API … Read more