Debug Java in Bio7

27.06.2018 In Bio7 R and Java code can be easily combined in the Bio7 platform. For instance to create Graphical User Interfaces in Java (with SWT or JavaFX), transfer image pixel/selection data from ImageJ and finally doing the analysis parts in R code/scripts which can be called from within Java (an easy to use API … Read more

R Improvements for Bio7 2.8

18.05.2018 The next release of Bio7 adds a lot of new R features and improvements. One minor change is that the default perspective after the startup of Bio7 now is the R perspective to emphazise the importance of R within this software. The R-Shell view has been simplified and the R templates have been moved … Read more

Bio7 2.7 Retina-Display Fix for MacOSX

08.01.2018 I recently discovered on a high dpi display (Retina-Display) enabled 13’’ notebook that the latest release of Bio7 for MacOSX is not displayed in high dpi but in a lower resolution which makes text and icons blurry (scaled) and unnecessary strains the eyes when editing R scripts with the R editor. So I uploaded … Read more

Bio7 2.6 for MacOSX Released

19.10.2017 I released a new version of Bio7 for MacOSX. (Screenshots: Bio7 with Dark theme enabled. Scrollbars are set to “When scrolling” in the preferences.) For an overview of the new features please consult the release notes of Windows and Linux here: Bio7 2.6 for Windows and Linux Released Installation: Download and extract the installation … Read more