Bio7 1.7 for Windows Released!

07.08.2013 A new Windows version of Bio7 is available. This version comes with a lot of new features and improvements for Java, R and ImageJ. One highlight is that you can now interpret Jython (Python) code with Bio7. In addition a new console implementation is available which offers access to a native shell, different Java … Read more

Cluster Multiple Images with ImageJ and R

30.08.2012 With Bio7 1.6 it is possible to send multiple images from ImageJ to R without the need to open them in the Graphical User Interface of ImageJ for speed improvements. With a simple script written in Java, Groovy or BeanShell a new Bio7 API command can be used (see below) to transfer images and … Read more

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Bio7 1.6 for Windows and Linux released!

01.08.2012 Finally i released a new version of Bio7 with many improvements and new features. Updated tutorials are available, too. The new Bio7 1.6 release can be downloaded here. Please also download the examples *.zip file from the sourceforge website which contains new examples for Bio7 1.6 (e.g. an example to cluster an image folder with … Read more

Landscape Metrics with R, SDMTools, ImageJ and Bio7

01.02.2012 Landscape metrics were developed to analyze spatial patterns of landscapes (e.g. composition and spatial arrangement). In R it is possible to calculate these metrics with the “SDMTools” package. Bio7 offers an easy to use interface to R and ImageJ and can use these tools to simplify a workflow to analyze image data (e.g. vegetation … Read more