Image Data from ImageJ to R and Vice Versa

In recent years many R packages have been developed to enable image analysis in R. As an alternative the combination of R with a powerful image analysis software like ImageJ offers many advanced image analysis interfaces and algorithms not yet available in R. Bio7 integrates both applications in a Rich Client Plattform based on Eclipse … Read more

Image Classification Limits Part 2

Recently i released the first 64-bit versions of Bio7 bundled with a 64-bit Java Virtual Machine. I’m always curious how far i can go using both applications together to do image analysis (especially classification) with huge images coming e.g. from satellites. The transfer of the images in Bio7 is realized with a combination of ImageJ … Read more

New R features in Bio7 1.5

Bio7 1.5 has been released and comes with new functionalities for R. For all who don’t know Bio7 here is a short description: Bio7 is a integrated development environment for ecological modelling based on the Rich-Client-Platform concept of the Java IDE Eclipse. The Bio7 platform contains several perspectives which arrange several views for a special … Read more

Image Data and Classification with R

03.08.2010 In this post i would like to demonstrate the ability of R to handle and classify image data with the help of ImageJ and Rserve bundled and implemented in Bio7. In general R is a very useful application for image analysis and plenty of “pure” R packages for image analysis are already available. But … Read more