Image Classification Limits Part 2

Recently i released the first 64-bit versions of Bio7 bundled with a 64-bit Java Virtual Machine. I’m always curious how far i can go using both applications together to do image analysis (especially classification) with huge images coming e.g. from satellites. The transfer of the images in Bio7 is realized with a combination of ImageJ … Read more

New R features in Bio7 1.5

Bio7 1.5 has been released and comes with new functionalities for R. For all who don’t know Bio7 here is a short description: Bio7 is a integrated development environment for ecological modelling based on the Rich-Client-Platform concept of the Java IDE Eclipse. The Bio7 platform contains several perspectives which arrange several views for a special … Read more

Image Data and Classification with R

03.08.2010 In this post i would like to demonstrate the ability of R to handle and classify image data with the help of ImageJ and Rserve bundled and implemented in Bio7. In general R is a very useful application for image analysis and plenty of “pure” R packages for image analysis are already available. But … Read more

Plots in R and the ImageJ visualization

If you plot data in R and you would like to display the same data in the ImageJ view it is necessary to transfer the data matrix to ImageJ. The first thing which can be noticed is that the image data is displayed rotated because of the Bio7 approach to transfer data forth and back … Read more

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