Shared Ecological Modelling References


Today i started to create a list of books and articles about ecological modelling. In this list you will not only find general books about modelling but also books about spatial analysis, image analysis and other (in my opinion) important techniques useful in the context of ecological modelling. For the collection i use “Zotero” which is an excellent open source reference management software running in the firefox browser. In addition with the Zotero network i can share my own collections of books, articles, links etc.

I created a group “ecological modelling” in which you can find a first personal collection of textbooks and articles which i will extend from time to time and is hopefully useful for people interested in this topic.
In one subgroup you will find references of R-literature

The group can be found here:

If you join the group you can synchronize your local Zotero and a new generated literature list will be added to your “Group Libraries” which can simply be exported in different styles (e.g. to  the clipboard).
I you have some suggestions for books or articles (or links) for a more profund list don’t hesitate to contact me.

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