Bio7 1.6 for Windows and Linux released!

01.08.2012 Finally i released a new version of Bio7 with many improvements and new features. Updated tutorials are available, too. The new Bio7 1.6 release can be downloaded here. Please also download the examples *.zip file from the sourceforge website which contains new examples for Bio7 1.6 (e.g. an example to cluster an image folder with … Read more

Enable Git for Bio7

08.11.2011 Bio7 is based on the Eclipse platform and integrates the powerful Eclipse Update Manager. Using the Update Manager it is possible to install many useful Eclipse plugins which are compatible with the Bio7 environment. One of this useful plugins is the EGit plugin. “EGit is an Eclipse Team provider for the Git version control … Read more

Update R for Bio7

28.09.2011 If you would like to update R to the latest version (especially on Windows which comes bundled with R) or install R in a different location (e.g. on Linux) you have to install R and the package “Rserve” for R (in R type: install.packages(“Rserve”) or use the package manager). In addition the path to … Read more

New Bio7 User Guide in Progress

10.07.2011 I started with the new Bio7 User Guide for the documentation of the features of Bio7 1.5. For the User Guide i decided to work with Google Apps which give me less possibilities for the layout but more flexibility for updates (which are instantly adressed in the embedded User Guide Draft 1.5 in the … Read more