Full JDT Support For The Next Release

18.02.2014 It was always a goal to integrate a powerful Java editor in Bio7. The current default Java editor of Bio7 is a custom editor with a set of tools to ease the creation of valid Java files and enables the compilation of Java classbodies and regular Java classes dynamically. However the editor lacks many … Read more

First Screenshot With Eclipse 4.4

05.11.2013 Today i tried Bio7 1.7.1 with the new Eclipse 4.4M3 platform and it didn’t look bad. There are some minor UI bugs/defects and missing implementations (detached views, e.g.) but i’m quite confident that these bugs will be resolved soon by the Eclipse team. At all this is huge improvement to 4.3 which was not … Read more

Bio7 1.7 for Windows Released!

07.08.2013 A new Windows version of Bio7 is available. This version comes with a lot of new features and improvements for Java, R and ImageJ. One highlight is that you can now interpret Jython (Python) code with Bio7. In addition a new console implementation is available which offers access to a native shell, different Java … Read more

Bio7 Upcoming Features

19.09.2012 In the next Bio7 release it will be possible to create custom GUI’s with the JavaFX Builder or with the new JavaFX API. I already integrated an API to load and compile a *.fxml file into a custom view of Bio7. GUI interfaces can easily be created with the new available JavaFX Scene Builder … Read more