Blogs about R

I found the following link very useful because it aggregates articles about R from different blogs.
Many of the articles are interesting in relation to ecological modelling because they refer to new aspects
of spatial analysis and environmental topics.


2 thoughts on “Blogs about R

  1. Tal Galili

    Hi there,
    I really like your wordpress blog, and would be happy to add it to R-bloggers.

    If you want to do so (it would probably get you much more traffic), I would suggest to you the following:
    1) Start using categories, and create a category called “R”, and attach all your R related posts to it
    2) fill out the form on :

    3) Consider connecting your website to some domain name. It has a long term benefits (several).
    Ask your hosting support team if you don’t know how to do it. It shouldn’t cost you more then 10$ a year.


  2. admin

    This is the first serious comment. Thank you very much. The spam ban is broken.
    I will follow you recommendation and add a category for “R” and subscribe to r-bloggers.

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