Bio7 1.7.1 MacOSX Released


Finally i released  Bio7 1.7.1 for MacOSX. This release is bundled with a Java Runtime Environment and the latest R version (3.0.2) for MacOSX. For the plot functionality eventually XQuartz has to be installed (if not already installed!).

Please note the installation requirements at the bottom of the page. Here are some screenshots for a first impression:

rmac2 rmac1 javamac imagejmac flowmac 3dmac
Installation Requirements:

  • MacOSX >=10.7.3 64-bit
  • Eventually XQuartz
  • Avoid blanks in the Bio7 installation path for the bundled JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

Eventually XQuartz has to be installed to use the default custom R plotting device of Bio7 on MacOSX. If you plot the first time with R and XQuartz is not available a dialog will inform you about the missing installation.


Simply unpack the in your preferred location. A double-click on the Bio7 file in the created Bio7 folder will start the application from the local bundled JRE.

If you would like to use Bio7 with your installed R application:

Please install the Rserve package. After the Bio7 start adjust the path to R in the Bio7 Preferences.
Preferences->Preferences Bio7
You can get the path from the R application with the command:
> R.home()
E.g. path to R: /Library/Frameworks/R.framework/Resources. Also adjust the path to the install location of the R packages:
Preferences->Preferences Bio7->Preferences Rserve
You can get the path from your R installation by evaluating the expression
in the R console. If an error is indicated in the Bio7 preferences please adjust wrong paths to the correct location or adjust them to a temporary available location else you can’t save the preferences.

New Features:

For an overview of the new Bio7 features in this release please read the following posts:

New in Bio7 1.7

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Bio7 1.7.1 can be downloaded here.

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