The Road to OpenJDK 11


it was a long road to the Java 11module system because a lot of bugs and settings had to be fixed for the next release of Bio7 which will be bundled with the OpenJDK as the default Java Runtime.

With Java 11 finally scaling of JavavFX, Swing and AWT components inside of Bio7 is supported on High DPI displays (SWT already supports this). However I have to make some more tests to remove the tiny drawing glitches if possible.

In additon with Java 11 SWT and JavaFX now support GTK 3 on Linux systems (see Ubuntu 18.10 screenshot below) still running on X11 which is default on Ubuntu (there are still some Wayland bugs which have to be resolved).

I already made some test exports on Linux and Windows and I think the next release (Bio7 3.0) will be available some time after the next Eclipse release which supports the Java 11 syntax completely.


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