New R features in Bio7 1.5

Bio7 1.5 has been released and comes with new functionalities for R. For all who don’t know Bio7 here is a short description: Bio7 is a integrated development environment for ecological modelling based on the Rich-Client-Platform concept of the Java IDE Eclipse. The Bio7 platform contains several perspectives which arrange several views for a special … Read more

Bio7 1.5 released!

Release notes: General: Built upon Eclipse 3.6.1. Now works with the latest Java version! (Windows version bundled with the latest JRE release). Removed the Soil perspective (now soils can be modeled with ImageJ (float precision). Active images can be displayed in the 3D discrete view (new example available). Removed the database perspective and the plant … Read more

Simply States

17.01.2011 In the next release of Bio7 there will be no plant database anymore. This will definitely simplify the design of cellular automata or discrete individual based models for other purposes than plant simulations. The plant database always suggested that Bio7 is just for plant simulations which was never the case. By removing the plant … Read more

Swarm Intelligence

21.11.2010 This popular video on YouTube shows in a fascinating way how a swarm builts a pattern from individuals which react on the behaviour of their local environment. [youtube][/youtube] Resources: Here you can find a swarm simulation, links for this topic and explanations by Craig Reynolds: Online Article: Selected Articles: Reynolds, Craig (1987), … Read more