R Editor and ImageJ Plugin Update

22.05.21 Two new plugin updates are available for Bio7. R Editor update: The R editor plugin has been updated for the new R 4.1 grammar (shorthand function notation, native pipe operators). The new grammar is also considered in the code completion of the editor and in the R-Shell (e.g., function calls, pipes with piped dataframes). … Read more

Fixed OpenJDK Path for MacOSX – Allow Bio7 on Big Sur

02.05.2021 Uploaded MacOSX version with corrected OpenJDK path In the latest MacOSX release the path to the embedded Java OpenJDK was wrong (not a relative path). I uploaded a corrected version to sourceforge. If you have already downloaded Bio7 you can simply correct the path in the Bio7.ini file (right-click, “Show Package Contents”, Path: “Contents/Eclipse”. … Read more

ImageJ And R Editor Plugin Updates Available!

29.04.2021 The ImageJ plugin and the R editor can be updated with the Update Manager of Bio7. The update fixes several minor bugs and adds new features. For ImageJ (update site already in Bio7 available), see: https://github.com/Bio7/EclipseImageJ1Plugin For the R editor update add the following URL site to the Update Manager: https://bio7.github.io/reditor

Bio7 3.3 Released

22.04.2021 I released a new version of Bio7. Bio7 3.3 includes a plethora of new features, improvements and bugfixes. For those who don’t know Bio7. The application Bio7 is an integrated development environment for ecological modeling, scientific image analysis and statistical analysis. It also contains a feature complete development environment for R with an advanced … Read more