Drag and Drop Models for Presentations


Bio7 contains a functionality to save models in a special file. The primary purpose of this file type was to save grid models and the patterns in a file. However with this method Java code can be saved in the file, too. If this file then is dragged on the GUI of Bio7 the file will be loaded, the embedded Java source will be compiled and the setup method (if available) will be executed.

This action can also be used to save other model types beside grid models e.g. 3d models or 2d continous models or models using R with the Rserve API by means of Java code. Additonally methods of the Bio7 API can be used to open views, perspectives or call the fullscreen functionality (ImageJ-Canvas view, Space view, WorldWind view) e.g. inside the setup method (which will be invoked after file loading).

On GitHub i started to create examples which can be downloaded and simply dragged on the Bio7 GUI to demonstrate this functionality (Folder “Drag and Drop Examples”.):

https://github.com/Bio7/Bio7 (download all as GitHub *.zip file or open the file and then switch to the raw visualization for a single download. Do not simple download a single file with a right-click of the mouse device. This will download a wrong formatted file!).

Video tutorial:


This feature is extremely useful if you would like to show some models in a presentation or an exhibition.

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