Drag and Drop in Bio7


Several external file types can be dragged on the Bio7 interface. Here is an overview of the supported file types and the action involved:

GUI Comp.
File Type Action
Global1 *.exml Loads a pattern, compiles Java code (if availabe) and executes the setup method of the compiled code (see example).
Global1 *.RData Starts Rserve (if not alive) and loads the *RData into the R workspace.
Navigator *. Copies all file types in a project of Bio7 (in the Bio7 workspace).
ImageJ-Canvas *.png, *.jpg, etc.2 Opens images, stacks, etc. in the ImageJ view.
ImageJ-Canvas *.jar Installs and loads ImageJ plugins (default folder has to be selected).
ImageJ-Toolbar *.png, *.jpg, etc.2 Opens images, stacks, etc. in the ImageJ view
Points *.png, *.jpg, etc.3 Opens images in the Points panel and adjusts the “Area of Analysis”.

1Except some Bio7 components with special drag and drop support and the editor area.
All supported ImageJ file types and libs.
3Default Java supported image types.

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