Enable Git for Bio7

08.11.2011 Bio7 is based on the Eclipse platform and integrates the powerful Eclipse Update Manager. Using the Update Manager it is possible to install many useful Eclipse plugins which are compatible with the Bio7 environment. One of this useful plugins is the EGit plugin. “EGit is an Eclipse Team provider for the Git version control … Read more

Update R for Bio7

28.09.2011 If you would like to update R to the latest version (especially on Windows which comes bundled with R) or install R in a different location (e.g. on Linux) you have to install R and the package “Rserve” for R (in R type: install.packages(“Rserve”) or use the package manager). In addition the path to … Read more

Bio7 1.5 MacOSX Update

I detected some issues with the MacOSX release and uploaded a new version with a new configuration file (Bio7.ini – the only change). With this new configuration file of the application the errors didn’t occur anymore (some deadlocks when opening 3d perspectives etc.). For those who already downloaded Bio7 1.5 for Mac: Simply open the … Read more

Bio7 1.5 MacOSX Beta Released!

23.07.2011 As promised a long time ago i released a (beta) version of Bio7 1.5 for MacOSX (64-bit). The Mac version is marked as a beta release because there are still some bugs related to the SWT_AWT-bridge used for the Swing integration (Flickering panels,lock errors at startup). Here are some installation details and requirements for … Read more