R Improvements for Bio7 2.5


The next release of Bio7 comes with many new R features and improvements which were integrated since the last release.

In this post I like to present a subset of some new R documentation features of the upcoming Bio7 2.5 release.

1. R Markdown Editor:

I improved the R markdown editor of Bio7 and integrated some code templates, font colors and dynamic font resizing,  a default PDF viewer for all Operating Systems (pdf.js), an outline view, spell checking and some new preferences useful for a constant writing and preview of documents. For an improved writing and preview layout I added a new document perspective for Bio7 for the supported document types of Bio7 (LaTeX, rmarkdown, knitr, Sweave, etc.).



I also added a special rmarkdown compilation mode for a dynamic writing/compilation/preview of markdown documents according to a selectable time interval in the preferences.



On Windows you will also be able to open a word document in an embedded mode – on Linux and MacOSX the document is opened with the registered word viewer.



2. LaTeX:

Bio7 comes shipped by default with a full featured LaTeX editor (TeXclipse).
However for an easier default compilation and document preview I integrated several new dynamic actions without the necessity to built LaTeX documents.
Thus it is now possible to preview LaTeX documents inside the new custom display of Bio7 and I added several preferences to improve the compilation process and font rendering of Bio7 (BibTeX, XeLaTeX compilation, etc.).
In addition it will be possible to create presentations with the Beamer package and fullscreen the pdf presentation on different selected monitors (you can remove the toolbar and center the created pdf with a special key shortcut).



Beside this new R document features the new Bio7 release will also come with a lot of new features regarding the R editor, R-Shell,  built of R packages, Plot display (the default PDF display), etc.

For more information and updates visit: http://bio7.org




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