R Debugging GUI Improvements for Bio7


In my last post i presented the first version of a debugging GUI for R in Bio7 which is just a visual wrapper for the default R debugging functions. In the meantime i added some new methods and also improved the visualization. For the upcoming Bio7 release i have to make some cleanups but however here is a short video showing some basic functionalities of the GUI.

2 thoughts on “R Debugging GUI Improvements for Bio7”

  1. Hi,
    Your debugger is very impressive. Unfortunately on my Win8 laptop running Firefox no sound can be heard in the video.

    Some questions:
    Can it be run independently on any scripts, e.g. outside Bio7?
    I guess one needs java installed? Anything else?
    Can the debugger be run inside RStudio?

    Kind regards,
    Tom Aldenberg

  2. Dear Tom,

    the videos are without sound.

    In Bio7 the default R debugger is used! It is not an extra self-written debugger! It is appears more complex as it is. If you want to have some technical details let me know.
    I created a GUI wrapper around the default available command line tools of R.

    You don’t need an extra Java installation because the Java runtime comes bundled with the application.
    Unzip the application and everything is installed.

    I guess RStudio also uses the default R debugger interface but you have to ask the developer team.

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