Bio7 2.4 for Linux Released


A new Bio7 Linux release is available at The general release note for Bio7 2.4 can be found here!



Bio7 for Linux comes bundled with the latest Java Runtime Environment.

To use R with Bio7 you have to install R for Linux.

In addition you have to install Rserve configured to use ‘cooperative mode’ (shared workspace in Rserve and R mode) which can be downloaded here:

In the R prompt type the following command to install the compiled package (replace with your file path!):

install.packages(“Users/yourName/Downloads/Rserve_1.8-4_Linux_cooperative.tar.gz”, repos=NULL)

You can also compile Rserve by yourself. For an HowTo please consult the Bio7 documentation here.


Added a tiny script to install useful default R packages for Bio7 to use all available GUI functionalities (e.g. rmarkdown, rgdal, spatstat, formatR, knitr, etc.). To install the packages start Rserve and execute the action Scripts->RScripts->Install_R_Packages in the Bio7 main menu. Please note that this only works if all dependencies for the packages are installed for compilation.

Troubleshooting Layout:

Linux comes in different flavours and it might be that you have to correct the Bio7 GTK *.css file for a little improved layout. If you see an artefact like this (‘Maximize’ button) just increase the size of the *.css toolbar variables.


The default CSS file can be found here:


The following changed css attributes will correct the height of the toolbars (changed attributes are bold):

.MPartStack {
color: ‘#org-eclipse-ui-workbench-INACTIVE_TAB_TEXT_COLOR’;
 swt-tab-height: 36.0px;

} {
swt-shadow-visible: false;
 swt-tab-height: 36.0px;

/*Important to set height for the view menus!*/
CTabFolder {
swt-corner-radius: 15.0;
swt-tab-height: 36.0px;

Of course you can change other attributes as well, e.g.,  if you want to change a color, etc. If you have good suggestions let me know.




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