Bio7 2.1 Release Candidate RC2 for MacOSX Available


I published a MacOSX release candidate for Bio7 2.1 based on Eclipse 4.5 RC2. This release was tested on MacOSX 10.10. The final release will be published after the official Eclipse 4.5 release.



  • Bio7 2.1 comes as a regular *.dmg installation package. Just drag the to the Applications folder.
  • Bio7 2.1 comes with a bundled jre 1.8.45. No need to install an extra Java Runtime Environment.
  • Bio7 2.1 comes bundled with R 3.2.0 and Rserve 1.8.2 installed.

Eventually XQuartz has to be installed to use the default custom R plotting device of Bio7 on MacOSX. If you plot the first time with R and XQuartz is not available a dialog will inform about the missing package.

Download Bio7 at:

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