Bio7 2.0 for Windows 32 bit Release


Because of some requests of a Windows 32 bit version of Bio7 2.0 I uploaded a built to sourceforge.

Release notes:

  • Updated R to version 3.1.3
  • Updated ImageJ to version 1.49p
  • Added some ImageJ dialog options (to stay on top, e.g., the ROI Manager)
  • Updated Java to version 1.8.40
  • Updated the JavaFX embedded SceneBuilder to Java 1.8.40

If you don’t know Bio7 here is an overview of the features (not only R):

Bio7 can be downloaded here:

Documentation and Videos Tutorials:


Video Tutorials YouTube



2 thoughts on “Bio7 2.0 for Windows 32 bit Release”

  1. Please start Rserve with the ‘Start Rserve’ action in the toolbar of Bio7. Then you can open the package manager of Bio7. Then press ‘Get List’ to get all availabe packages and search for, e.g., knitr, etc. select the package and press the ‘Install Selected’ action.

    Here is a video how to do that:

    The second way to do this is to change to the R native mode (Press ‘Start Rserve’ action again to disconnect from Rserve) and install it by hand as known from the regular R shell.
    Error messages will be displayed in the ‘Console’ view of Bio7 (Please activate if not visible).

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