Bio7 Documentation

Bio7_Poster (Overview)

The Bio7 User Guide (out-dated – see Bio7 1.7.1 User Guide below!)

The Bio7 Methods API (Updated for Bio7 1.7.1!)

The Bio7 examples (below “Download” !)

The Bio7 examples on github


Austenfeld, Marcel, und Wolfram Beyschlag. „A Graphical User Interface for R in a Rich Client Platform for Ecological Modeling“. Journal of Statistical Software 49, Nr. 4 (2012): 1–19. (pdf)

Austenfeld M, Beyschlag W: The Use of ImageJ within an Ecological Modeling Platform, ImageJ User and Developer Conference 2010, Luxembourg, Conference Proceedings, 211-216.

Bio7 1.7.1 User Guide (EarlyDraft):


Scientific Java Libraries Used in Bio7:

Name URL  
Parallel Colt Link  
JScience Link  
JTS Link  
Joone                                 Link  
JAMA Link  
JGraphT Link  
The Apache Commons Mathematics Library Link