New Flash Tutorials available!

I created 4 new Flash tutorials for the Bio7 1.5 release. More tutorials or updates of the old tutorials are planned to show the changes of the current release. I’m also working on the new Bio7 1.5 documentation which will take some time. A first draft will be available in the next weeks.

Bio7 1.5 released!

Release notes: General: Built upon Eclipse 3.6.1. Now works with the latest Java version! (Windows version bundled with the latest JRE release). Removed the Soil perspective (now soils can be modeled with ImageJ (float precision). Active images can be displayed in the 3D discrete view (new example available). Removed the database perspective and the plant … Read more

Voronoi Diagrams in the next Bio7 Release

19.07.2010 In the next release of Bio7 a Voronoi/Delauney calculation will be available in the Points panel. Here is a screenshot of the current implementation. The screenshot below shows a direct comparison between a Voronoi area plot of R (left: with package “tripack”) and the new Voronoi calculation of Bio7. The area results are the … Read more

P2 Update Manager

20.05.2010 Finally i was able to integrate the “p2” update manager into Bio7 which will be shipped with the next release. What i really like is that it is possible to integrate the git plugin for Eclipse. Here are some Screenshots of the results. In the third screenshot ImageJ sources were downloaded into the Bio7 … Read more

Mac Beta Version Plan

I’ve already created some screenshots of Bio7 running on MacOSX 10.6. However there are still some problems which have to be solved with the swt_awt bridge which causes some errors on the Mac. All other components are working fine so far and no bigger problems occured with the embedded components (R, ImageJ etc.) I’m quite … Read more