Bio7 1.5 Windows 64 bit released!

Today i released the first 64-bit version of Bio7.
For installation details please read the blog entry for the 32-bit version.

Changes for the 64-bit Windows version:

– based on Eclipse 3.6.2
– bundled with R 2.12.2 (64-bit mode)
– bundled with Java JRE (64-bit)

With this version it is possible (and might be necessary) to break the 3GB limit of 32-bit operating systems for e.g. image analysis.
Please adjust the Bio7.ini file (in the top folder of Bio7) for you needs.
In the Bio7.ini file change the attributes -Xms<initial heap size> -Xmx<maximum heap size> to enable more RAM for the Java Virtual Maschine.

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