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New Look And Feel


I was very unhappy with the default look and feel of my Rich Client Platform based on Eclipse 4.4 so i decided to work on a new custom CSS with gradients for Bio7. The nearly finished CSS (tested on Windows) is displayed below which corrects not only colours but also the different toolbar settings (background of the main toolbar and height of the view toolbars) to display e.g. the floating toolbar actions correctly without hiding other window elements.

2014-06-23 17_33_39-Bio7

2014-06-23 17_42_14-Bio7

There are still some minor bugs to correct. E.g. the Maximize, Minimize icons have to be resized to display the toolbar colour correctly.

In addition i was able to correct the alignment of the different Bio7 editor actions and i could even improve the integration of the JDT actions and hide unnecessary GUI elements for Bio7 (menu and toolbar – see screenshot below).

2014-06-23 18_18_04-Bio7


Open ImageJ Images in Different Views


In the next release of Bio7 it will be possible to transfer opened ImageJ images from a tab to a detachable view. This action makes it possible to open several images side by side, detach images or translate them to a secondary monitor. In addition it is possible to nest several images in one detached window (see screenshot below).



Cellular Automata on a 3D Globe


One of the features of the next release of Bio7 is the possibility to run an ImageJ simulation (dynamic image data) georeferenced on the 3D globe with – and this is new – a default transparent color (see image with running “Game of Life” below).


To run a simulation on a 3D globe with the current Bio7 version without a transparent color follow this tutorial:

Visualize dynamic images on the WorldWind globe

Scene Builder Integration in Bio7


The JavaFX team recently announced the availability of a OpenSource Scene Builder API (“JavaFX Scene Builder Kit”)  to integrate the Scene Builder in a custom application (e.g. in an RCP application).

Reading this blog entry about a Netbeans integration i was tempted to integrate the SceneBuilder in my application, too.
So i started to create a perspective with different views for the Scene Builder components which are exposed by the API. Below you can see the first result using a MultiPageEditor to display the JavaFX canvas and the FXML source.


I have to resolve some bugs in the implementation and the API is quite new so maybe some thing will be changed. However an integrated GUI builder shipped with Bio7 would be a great win to create custom views inside of one application.